Top Ten Reasons to Have Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether its winter time or sunny summer, companies should not lose sight of what needs to be done in their premises, particularly carpets and upholstery. The following is a comprehensive list of why you should not neglect the cleanliness of carpets and upholstery.

1. Increases your property’s value. Regular carpet cleaning that utilizes the correct carpet cleaning method can increase the life span of carpets considerably, thereby adding value to your investment.

2. Improves air quality. Carpets act as air filters because it traps airborne contaminants which results in higher quality of air. However, once the carpet is saturated with harmful elements, it needs to be taken out through deep carpet cleaning.

3. Regular carpet cleaning makes maintenance a lot easier. Dry soil is usually the main culprit with carpet soiling, which can be difficult to clean once it sank deep down into the carpet’s fibers due to foot traffic that constantly shuffles forcing the debris deeper. Although truck mounted carpet cleaning can effectively extract it, it will require a much higher force that can damage the carpet’s surface.

4. Stains and spots attract more soiling, so it’s important to have it remove promptly to prevent permanent damage to the carpets.

5. Soiling leads to accumulation of bacteria and allergens, especially damp soiling. Regular carpet cleaning with adequate drying prevents buildup of detrimental pollutants.

6. A clean office exudes professionalism and enhances the reputation of a company. Clean carpets in particular, speak volumes about the overall impression of a company.

7. A clean and safe work environment improves employees morale, encourages learning and creativity, which will yields to increased productivity.

8. Control and remove dust mites and bedbugs that can easily populate.

9. Helps make flooring feel nice and clean. Removing odors not only makes carpeting healthy, it smells great too.

10. Prolong the carpet‘s warranty, Regular and proper cleaning method are some of the conditions that carpet manufacturers require, so it make sense to keep it regularly cleaned in order to have the warranty remain intact. Voiding your carpet’s warranty is like losing insurance coverage over your precious investment.


6 Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Price

Should You Rent A Carpet Cleaner Machine or Hire a Pro?

There are pros and cons when it comes to doing it yourself, it may be possible that you can clean the carpet reasonably well with a rented machine, or if you will be frequently doing the task, then you’ll probably be better off owning one yourself.

While these machines varies in power and handling, the basic concept by which these machines run are the same. When people think of steam cleaning, they think of steam coming off the carpet cleaner to clean the surface of the carpet. Actually, the steam has nothing to do with the cleaning process. The hot water that is used to spread the detergent about the carpet and the wet-vac that sucks up the moisture are the core principle of the carpet cleaners. The resultant steam that follows after the hot water has nothing to do whatsoever in the cleaning process.

Almost all carpet cleaner is a variation of the same basic concept. Water goes in the tank with detergent forming a potent solution that is applied on the carpet’s surface. It is then worked out by the cleaner agitator that is composed of varying brush pattern, each detachable nozzle having a distinct advantage over another depending on the surface. A vacuum is then used to suck up the water along with the  residue.

Some carpet cleaners have absorbent pads in them to extract the absorbent powder that is spread initially, however this type of approach has been shot down by carpet manufacturers as unsafe and voids warranty when used.

Professional carpet cleaners with Class A equipment have an edge over DIYs for many reasons. First, since they handle all manner of carpets day in and out, it would be unlikely for them to make mistake that occasional cleaners do, such as using too much detergent or not rinsing enough. Industrial carpet cleaning machines such as truck mounted carpet cleaning system used by Ablejan Carpet Cleaning Inc. have more features in them that can effectively clean carpets. They have more powerful suctioning that can extract more water leaving your carpet drier. With top of the line equipment and tools, detergent are pushed through your carpet with hot water tripling its effectiveness. Another advantage of professional carpet cleaner is the use of specialized formulations that doesn’t leave any soapy residue that can attract more dirt when dried.

However, getting your carpet professionally cleaned is more expensive than renting a carpet cleaner. Booking a professional carpet cleaning company can set you back for $99-$200 whereas you can rent a machine for as low as $20 a day. However, the quality of these rental machines varies considerably with some configured improperly by the previous renter and may cause detergent dumping, if you are a beginner, you might forego any reservations as you might think that’s something a carpet cleaner is supposed to do.

Purchasing one can solve this problem, assuming you read and take all the necessary precaution and can set you back for the price of just one professional cleaning, which is around $250 or you can rent around 10 times to the price of professional carpet cleaning. If you have indoor pets, children or your carpets get dirtied more often, it makes sense to rent or just buy one deep cleaning machine. However, the result might not be acceptable and the amount of work required can be intensive that can leave your back in ruins and affect your day to day activities.  There are a number of tips presented within the site that can take care of minor problems that you can do yourself without needing a rental machine.

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning to extend your carpet’s life. Depending on the traffic it gets, a good norm is between 6 to 12 months.

It is also good to note that if water isn’t extracted all the way to the last drop, then there is tendency for molds and mildew to accumulate. This can damage your carpet and you have no other recourse except to change the carpet flooring.

With all the caveat listed, and you still decide to proceed to clean on your own, either with a rented machine or buying one, there are a few tips we recommend that can make a whole lot of difference how the task will turn out. Don’t over use detergent and use only the recommended amount, this will not make your carpet cleaner, it will just make it harder to rinse and will make the carpet’s fiber sticky, attracting more dust and dirt after cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning usually use pre-treatment solutions to break down dirt and oily compounds, and you can also check out your local supermarket for such product, but you can also do with plain hot water especially if you still plan on professional cleaning once in a while.

Its also good to rent high velocity industrial fan to speed up drying, if it is still wet for more than 24 hours, there is an underlying risk of getting molds and mildew.

Stains are usually soil or dirt that has been attracted to the carpet fibers because of a sticky residue that has been spilled before. This can be handled quite easily with deep cleaning.

To prevent the stain from becoming permanent, time is of the element. Quick action can make a huge difference whether the stains will set in permanently or can be corrected. Refer to this carpet cleaning tips for first aid measures.

Couch Cleaning 101

From the smallest bits of crumbs to the worse kind of stains ever to grace your sofa, these tips will surely help you.

AJS carpet cleaning Provo has close to 20 years of professional carpet cleaning experience and is now sharing their expertise through this blog.

  1. Vacuum. Attach the rotating small brushes to your vacuum to agitate the stains, making it easier later on to remove them. Pay attention to the crevices where dirt and objects accumulate. Hair, both human and pet hair, tend to be charged negatively so it seems to be magnetized making it more difficult to extract for the vacuum. Use a lint roller instead.
  2. For the non upholstered area, it is best to use warm water with dish liquid soap to clean.
  3. Check for the following labels on the tag
    1. W: water cleanable
    2. S: Solvents (dry clean)only!
    3. S/W: Water + Solvent combo, professional cleaning suggested
    4. X: It is not cleanable and must be vacuumed only
  4. Stain removal. Use commercial cleaners or homemade.
    1. Fabric – 1/4 cup vinegar + 3/4 cup warm water + 1 tablespoon dish cleaning liquid
    2. Leather – equal parts of vinegar and water, to make it supple, a mixture of vinegar and linseed oil can be used instead.
    3. Synthetic –  use the same as with fabric (water and vinegar) but don’t blow dry to prevent shrinkage.

Note: spot test any solution in an inconspicuous part of the sofa before proceeding, let the solution on the surface for 10 minutes and then check it.

How to Steam Clean

If the tag says ‘W’ or ‘S’ then its safe to use steam cleaning on your sofa. Be mindful that even though its safe to use water, the fabric might not be able to stand up to the heat. Always test on a small part, or ask a professional whenever he visits your house again for service.

Search online for the manufacturer instruction on what type of fabric is used in your sofa. Synthetics have poor resistance when it comes to heat so be wary of that.

When steam cleaning, your sofa will be inevitably be wet after cleaning, choose an airy day when deciding to move forward with the cleaning, so that it will be quick to dry by simply opening the windows. It is also good idea to use microfiber cloths to pick up lints.

Steam cleaning can be powerful and kills germs and bacteria better than commercial cleaners.



Upholstery Steam Cleaning DIY Tips and Tricks

If you have been watching home tv shopping lately, there is a trend towards steam type cleaners and mops. Steam offers versatility for different type of fabrics and cloth, why use a different type of cleanser or detergent when you can have one solution for all? Top steaming applications include floors, walls, windows and of course, the gist of this story – upholstery. Steam is a perfect match for your upholstered furniture when it comes to removing stains, odours and others.

Ablejan Carpet Cleaning Provo has been the best solution for spotless carpet cleaning in homes and offices anywhere in Utah, since 2000 and is now sharing their expertise through this blog’s tips and tricks.

Note: Steam cleaning isn’t safe for all types of upholstery, so check the label on your furniture to make sure they are not heat-sensitive or you can always try the steam cleaner first to a corner area to ensure compatibility.

Tip#1 Vacuum first

Our everyday activities can definitely put a strain on our beloved upholsteries. Oftentimes, we drink, sleep, socialize and put our feet on it, So a good prepping up before steam cleaning would always do good. Vacuuming removes a good chunk of debris and surface dirt that saves time later on when steam cleaning is applied.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, choose something that has a good agitator to shake off or weaken the clinging properties of dust and dirt. A more powerful vacuum  cleaner can be a hassle to set up, but a portable one with no wires following you can be convenient enough although not as powerful as the standard one. Most portable cleaners are good for quick clean only.

As the brushes rotate and vibrates, so does the dirt that clings mightily onto your fabrics.

For DIY Bluffs

After vacuuming, its time for steam cleaning. Steam cleaners are generally more expensive than traditional vacuum cleaners so it might be practical to just hire a steam cleaner instead. However, you might not know where the machine came from, or if the upholstery steam cleaner has been cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before hitting your home. It might come off a very dirty home with contaminants still lingering in the compartments. If you can afford it, then its better to get one yourself. Multifunction cleaners are best with additional hoses and addons for easier cleaning.

When steam cleaning, concentrate on areas with stains first, or you’ll run out of mixture if you dilly-dally the sections. To start, fill up the cleaner with the proper amount of water and solution, adjust the machine’s strength accordingly and attach fixtures on the steam cleaner. It’s tempting to dial the pressure all the way up but you might end up with a watery upholstery.

A good question most people ask is how far should the nozzle be from the surface of the upholstery? Generally the nearer the nozzle, the higher the concentration of heat and pressure. If the stains remains persistent, then it helps to move the nozzle nearer so as to accelerate the break down process.

The steam coming off the upholstery steam cleaning machine is so hot it can burn you, so be safe and treat the machine with precaution as you do with any fire bearing kitchen equipment.





10 ‘Dirty’ Tricks that Your Carpet Professional Won’t Tell You.

Having a clean carpet not only prolongs your carpet’s life but keeps you and your family healthy as well. Carpets are good air filters, they trap dirt and bacteria on its fibers. A well maintained carpet increases the value of your home.

We’re here to help.

Get the best resources on how to care for your carpets, only here at Take advantage of our nearly two decades long experience, our vast network of carpet cleaning professionals experts and huge resource of tips, tricks and solutions.  Pull out knowledge from our huge database of cleaning hacks and tricks proven to save yourself time and money.

10 ‘dirty’ tips professionals don’t want you to know.

Tip#1: Maintaining your carpet will save you money in the long run, leaving dirt and stains will only make it harder to expel, even with professional help. Prevention is always better than cure, place an entrance mat as your first line of defense against dirt.

Tip#2 People tend to panic and would react immediately on a spill by rubbing harshly and quickly. This can cause the stain to set more permanently due to the dirt being pushed deep into the fibers where it will be harder to extract without doing some sort of damage to your carpets. This will shorten the carpet’s life significantly by weakening the fibers and paddings.


Tip#3 Some commercial cleaners would just hide the stain only to find out that the stain will reappear later. This is due to the stain receding and not totally extracted. To correct the problem, use a cloth as absorbent and put on weight on top of it and leave it overnight, this will ensure that the cloth will seep the remaining liquid that causes the stain.

Tip#4 Using direct heat is not advisable as it can set the ‘unseen’ stains that is invisible to the naked eye but is actually just resting beneath the carpet’s fibers. When the heat dries the spilled liquid, it will attach itself to the carpet’s root more tenaciously and will require extra strong equipment to break its hold and get extracted. This will cause a certain stress to your carpets no matter how gentle the machines claimed to be. Again, it’s better to know how to handle situations like this before any long lasting damage.

Tip#5 Mechanical brushes that rotates and cleanses are necessary for deeply ingrained stain, but it will incur some stress that can shorten your carpet’s life span tremendously when used frequently. However, combined with steam cleaning, can be beneficial as the steam will loosen the dirt and kill molds and bacteria. As the stain, dirt or debris loosen, less force is needed and therefore less stress for your carpets.

Tip#6 Lemon juice with salt is a good natural combatant for mold and mildew, you can also use hydrogen peroxide (cleaning grade) to remove as well, make sure to test a few drops on a corner to ensure that it will be safe for the carpet.

Tip#7 Water is good cleanser and can take care of most spills, but for those spills with pungent smell, you can counter it with a mixture of water and vinegar. If treated right away, spills will not set permanently as stains.

Tip#8 Vacuum frequently to prevent debris from lodging deep into your carpets, which will make it harder to extract and may require professional help to remove them. Be sure to read the carpet’s manufacturer precaution before using any type of vacuum cleaner. Vacuum bag filters are notorious for breeding germs and bacteria, so always empty them after usage.

Tip#9  Using commercial or industrial cleaning products can cause irreparable damage, so act prudently and follow the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before using.

Tip#10  We save the best tip for last, and it’s preventing the dirt from coming into your house in the first place . Yup, the best tip is to block the dirt, grime and germs from entering your carpets before it even enters your home. Placing a mat, removing shoes and partying outside are some of the ways you can prevent tracking the dirt into your carpet, these might sound superficial, but you’d  be surprised to know that you can acutally save your carpets at least a ton of dirt from entering the whole year round.


Holiday’s Over, How are Your Carpet Looking?

Now that the holiday festivities are over, a lot of you might be glad and even breathe a sigh of relief. No more presents to think of and buy, no more guests in the house, no more traveling. But the ‘holiday stress’ is just beginning… as you are left with all the mess and the ghastly, ensuing cleaning up operations. The following are some tips on how to best handle and contain common holiday messes:

Coffee and Cocoa Spills

A few sips of coffee or cocoa can warm up your guests before heading back home and its likely to be spilled on the carpet and/or upholstery. Have the spill contained immediately or it’ll sink deeper into the pile. Take some paper towel and blot the spill until the coffee is fully absorbed. Do not rub the towel as this will cause the substance to spread, instead, dab the stains lightly, applying pressure just enough to absorb the coffee or cocoa. Once there is no more coffee to lift up, and stains still remains, scrub lightly with a cloth dipped in a dishwashing liquid mixture. This technique applies to upholstery with spills.

Saucy Foods and Confectioneries

If you have kids as guests, then the chance of food debris scattered around increase significantly. Spaghetti, sodas, ice cream on your carpet can be a real pain. Children are messy eaters and even with adult supervision, occasional droppings are to be expected.

To handle this mess, pick up as much as you can with a hand brush and dustpan. You don’t want to use a vacuum immediately, as large chunk of food can clog the pathway weakening the suctioning power, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Vacuum the remaining debris that manage to elude your brush, and dab the persistent ones as explained in the coffee and cocoa section. For more detailed pickups you can try lint roller or duct tape to extract tiny sawdust bit-size food debris.

In the end…

A good vacuuming can certainly make the difference in getting your carpets back to normal, it can loosen up the dirt and debris accumulated during the holiday, but don’t be hard on yourself if some spots and stain still persists, consider getting professional carpet cleaning near you for help. Some people would advise DIY approach and  just rent carpet cleaning equipment but there are certain limitations to be aware of, such as knowing how to use it and overdoing it that can damage your carpet. You are also responsible for the well being of the equipment while on your care, so save yourself the hassle and just search Google for the best carpet cleaning provider near you.

Carpet stains from holidays can be cleaned with ubiquitous cleaning materials laying around the house, but for bigger, problematic stains, its better to call AJS Carpet Cleaning. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning system uses hot water extraction that loosen and remove tough stains to make your carpets look brand new again. Our specialized cleaning solution is specially formulated that is proven to be safe not only on your carpet but for your health as well.

With all the spending done in the holidays, you will want to save money, check out our monthly specials and coupons and save big!

Step by Step Instructions on What to Do When Your Pet Has An Accident in the House

Step 1: Catching your Pet in the Act.

If you catch your pet in the middle of the act, don’t fret but instead use it as a learning opportunity. Pets, especially dogs are creatures of habit and moods, just like people. Punishing them when caught in the act will only complicate the situation as it will find a more secluded place to hide from you. Instead, be cheerful and say in a loud voice: “Whoops, Outside!” and take the dog immediately where you preferred him to relieve himself.

Step 2: Controlling the Damage.

Use paper towel to blot and absorb as much of the urine from the carpet as possible, avoid using hot air as it can set stains due to the protective coating the carpet has during the manufacturing process.  To avoid urine seeping down further, you need to blot fast, the faster the better.  If you have any vacuum on hand, then you can use it at this stage. If not, proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Fixing the Deeper Problem at Hand

Even if you have blotted the surface clean, the urine can penetrate the sub-floor and padding. What’s more, bacteria and allergens can stay behind and cause sickness, allergies and other respiratory health problem.  Avoid any heat as mentioned earlier and that includes steam cleaning. Heat can set the stain or odor plus the water left behind by the steam cleaner can grow mold and mildew. If the stain is bigger than you can handle, don’t hesitate to call a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in pet accidents. They have special tools and chemicals to completely, if not thoroughly, remove the spot and odor.

Step 4: Determining the reasons why your dog pee on your carpet and how to prevent future accidents.

Is your pet stressed? Life changing events can cause distress which leads to accidents. One common source of stress is when you change schedule of walking him outside. Its body will take time to adjust and the best way to do this is either to stick on schedule, or gradually make the changes by delaying time to go within few hours interval. Home renovations can also cause a dog to be stressed, specially with workers walking in and out of the house all the time. If you had your carpet replaced during the renovation, the new scent may throw them off and cause them to mark it with their own scent.

New Medications.  If your dog is under medication, it may blur their mental responses and cause accidents. Always consult with your veterinarian regarding potential side effects.

Health issues. A persistent accident problem may signify loss of bladder control, which also may be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Check with your veterinarian if you the change in behavior is noticeable.

Training is the KEY.

To be considered a fully house trained dog, it needs to be at least a year old. Puppies are more likely to get accidents so training is important for a lifetime of good habits. To train your dog, go outside with him to urinate and reward or praise him when he hits the mark. Depending on the type of dog, some learn faster then ever, but the key here is to increase the amount of time between trips outside.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

Whether you like it or not, carpet will reach its end of life at some point. Here are 5 telltale signs which can help you decide on whether the problem can be rectified either by cleaning or restoration or just replace completely.

1. Carpet Stains and Discoloring becomes Frequent.

Before carpet manufacturers ship out their products, it is equipped with stain resistant finish. Over time, its effectiveness diminishes and stains keeps coming back even if you had it professionally cleaned. When this protective layer has totally receded, stains will be extremely difficult to eliminate, which is why it would be more practical to just do a full replacement.

2. Carpet that has an Awful Odor

Homes with pets can have a lasting smell especially when left untreated, this is because the urine has traveled all the way down into the sub-floor, fibers or padding. Professional carpet cleaning can sometimes eliminate the odor with in-depth cleaning, but there are limitations. If deep cleaning fails to curb away the smell, it means there are deeper issues and the only way to address it is by replacing the carpet. Homes that doesn’t harbor any pets are at risk with the emergence of mold and mildew as well. Mold and mildew not only cause odors but pose a health problem as well.

3. Carpet that has Tears, Bulges, Ripples and Wrinkles.

Shabby looking carpets are often a strong indicator that new carpeting is essential. If the carpet has lots of ripples, bumps, bulges that doesn’t even out no matter how hard you tried, then it is more than just unsightly. As the foam underneath breaks down, the carpet ripples, buckles and bulges began to form. It can be dangerous as well, as it might cause people to trip over and hurt themselves. Assess carefully whether to have it professionally stretched or simply have it replaced.

4. Carpet that has Padding Deterioration

Carpet padding provides support, boost insulation and keep things quiet. If you notice some strange sound when walking on top of it, it may denote some issues with its padding. Padding with lots of creases and wrinkles needs to be replaced too, but have it check first as the humidity inside the room might be causing the problem, a high indoor humidity can keep it damp and thus allowing it to stretch.

5. Carpet that Causes Allergies

Older carpets tend to harbor allergens than new one, so it might make sense to replace it particularly if you have been experiencing allergic symptoms lately, such as frequent sneezing even after a thorough professional cleaning. Allergies can be triggered by anything, but older home carpet can contain as much as 100 times more allergens than hard floors. However, this does not mean that you get rid of carpeting altogether, as carpets traps allergens within the pile more than a hard surface floor.

Remember that carpets life expectancy is a little over 10 years, but can be substantially extended with proper care and regular cleaning.

Why Renting DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Cost More than Professionally Cleaned in the Long Run

There are different types of stains, and some stains are impossible to fix (such as bleach and burns), while some other stains will pop right back after a few days, no matter how much cleaning you’ve tried. Actually, these stains are avoidable if only the right amount of soap is used in cleaning the carpet.

Renting out a machine might seem to be a good idea and save money at first, but it will double the effort since the leftover soaps it generates will need to be removed to prevent stains from reappearing. Soap attracts dirt and in fact, can make your carpet look worse than before.

Hiring a professional can also be problematic. A lot of cheap carpet cleaning with shockingly low price have saturated the market, and the result is simply disastrous. Ask someone, preferrably a property owner, for a good recommendation. But it can be confusing too, especially if the response is too general, or somewhat inconclusive. The recommendation or referral you would want should be detailed and in the affirmative, such as ‘Cost less than Ultraclean and did a much better job, I will recommend him to anyone without hesitation’

Price range differs greatly on the type of job, if it needs a major, major cleaning, such as with pet stains or is very dirty, then the bill can be higher. Just be sure to ask about the minimum charge, and if it fits within the minimum price charge, then that will be the cost.

To get an idea on how much you will pay with carpet cleaning, without having someone to come to your house for an estimate, head on to this site where asking for an anonymous estimate is a breeze and best of all, free.