Couch Cleaning 101

From the smallest bits of crumbs to the worse kind of stains ever to grace your sofa, these tips will surely help you.

AJS carpet cleaning Provo has close to 20 years of professional carpet cleaning experience and is now sharing their expertise through this blog.

  1. Vacuum. Attach the rotating small brushes to your vacuum to agitate the stains, making it easier later on to remove them. Pay attention to the crevices where dirt and objects accumulate. Hair, both human and pet hair, tend to be charged negatively so it seems to be magnetized making it more difficult to extract for the vacuum. Use a lint roller instead.
  2. For the non upholstered area, it is best to use warm water with dish liquid soap to clean.
  3. Check for the following labels on the tag
    1. W: water cleanable
    2. S: Solvents (dry clean)only!
    3. S/W: Water + Solvent combo, professional cleaning suggested
    4. X: It is not cleanable and must be vacuumed only
  4. Stain removal. Use commercial cleaners or homemade.
    1. Fabric – 1/4 cup vinegar + 3/4 cup warm water + 1 tablespoon dish cleaning liquid
    2. Leather – equal parts of vinegar and water, to make it supple, a mixture of vinegar and linseed oil can be used instead.
    3. Synthetic – ¬†use the same as with fabric (water and vinegar) but don’t blow dry to prevent shrinkage.

Note: spot test any solution in an inconspicuous part of the sofa before proceeding, let the solution on the surface for 10 minutes and then check it.

How to Steam Clean

If the tag says ‘W’ or ‘S’ then its safe to use steam cleaning on your sofa. Be mindful that even though its safe to use water, the fabric might not be able to stand up to the heat. Always test on a small part, or ask a professional whenever he visits your house again for service.

Search online for the manufacturer instruction on what type of fabric is used in your sofa. Synthetics have poor resistance when it comes to heat so be wary of that.

When steam cleaning, your sofa will be inevitably be wet after cleaning, choose an airy day when deciding to move forward with the cleaning, so that it will be quick to dry by simply opening the windows. It is also good idea to use microfiber cloths to pick up lints.

Steam cleaning can be powerful and kills germs and bacteria better than commercial cleaners.



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