Holiday’s Over, How are Your Carpet Looking?

Now that the holiday festivities are over, a lot of you might be glad and even breathe a sigh of relief. No more presents to think of and buy, no more guests in the house, no more traveling. But the ‘holiday stress’ is just beginning… as you are left with all the mess and the ghastly, ensuing cleaning up operations. The following are some tips on how to best handle and contain common holiday messes:

Coffee and Cocoa Spills

A few sips of coffee or cocoa can warm up your guests before heading back home and its likely to be spilled on the carpet and/or upholstery. Have the spill contained immediately or it’ll sink deeper into the pile. Take some paper towel and blot the spill until the coffee is fully absorbed. Do not rub the towel as this will cause the substance to spread, instead, dab the stains lightly, applying pressure just enough to absorb the coffee or cocoa. Once there is no more coffee to lift up, and stains still remains, scrub lightly with a cloth dipped in a dishwashing liquid mixture. This technique applies to upholstery with spills.

Saucy Foods and Confectioneries

If you have kids as guests, then the chance of food debris scattered around increase significantly. Spaghetti, sodas, ice cream on your carpet can be a real pain. Children are messy eaters and even with adult supervision, occasional droppings are to be expected.

To handle this mess, pick up as much as you can with a hand brush and dustpan. You don’t want to use a vacuum immediately, as large chunk of food can clog the pathway weakening the suctioning power, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Vacuum the remaining debris that manage to elude your brush, and dab the persistent ones as explained in the coffee and cocoa section. For more detailed pickups you can try lint roller or duct tape to extract tiny sawdust bit-size food debris.

In the end…

A good vacuuming can certainly make the difference in getting your carpets back to normal, it can loosen up the dirt and debris accumulated during the holiday, but don’t be hard on yourself if some spots and stain still persists, consider getting professional carpet cleaning near you for help. Some people would advise DIY approach and  just rent carpet cleaning equipment but there are certain limitations to be aware of, such as knowing how to use it and overdoing it that can damage your carpet. You are also responsible for the well being of the equipment while on your care, so save yourself the hassle and just search Google for the best carpet cleaning provider near you.

Carpet stains from holidays can be cleaned with ubiquitous cleaning materials laying around the house, but for bigger, problematic stains, its better to call AJS Carpet Cleaning. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning system uses hot water extraction that loosen and remove tough stains to make your carpets look brand new again. Our specialized cleaning solution is specially formulated that is proven to be safe not only on your carpet but for your health as well.

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