Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

Additional Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips From AJS

Carpet cleaning is an essential aspect of the maintenance of any facility. For most business owners, time is money. Fortunately, there are many ways to speed up the carpet cleaning process. These professional carpet cleaning tips can help you get the most out of your carpet investment.

Improve Drying Speed

The number one way to improve efficiency is to speed up the drying time. During the hot water extraction process, carpets become wet. It is best to avoid walking on the carpets until they are dry. That is because wet carpets can attract soil from shoes. This can cause the carpets to get soiled again at a faster rate. It is important to allow the carpets to dry for the required time. This waiting period can be disruptive to business if steps aren’t taken to reduce it. However, this time can vary based on a number of factors.

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The first consideration is effective equipment. It is important to use a carpet cleaning company that is completely up to date with the most up to date machinery. New equipment is better able to suction the water from the carpet. That can reduce the length of drying time. Additionally, as technology evolves, so do cleaning practices. Regular training is important to ensure that the carpet cleaning machines are operated correctly and the best carpet cleaning method is being used.

Several other simple methods are available that help speed up the process of drying and get great results. Start by improving airflow. Improve circulation by increasing the heat in the winter or dropping the temperature for the air conditioning in summer. Opening up windows helps during warm weather. Certain conditions will limit how effective these methods are. When the air is extremely humid, it will take longer to dry. In cases where there is high humidity, or in very large facilities, it may be necessary to use fans. You may want to invest in various kinds of air circulation equipment to improve drying time. Experts typically recommended using one fan for each 200 square feet of carpeting you are working with.

The Best Time to Clean

Finding the right time to have your service scheduled speeds up the process. Professional carpet cleaning services should always be scheduled when the least amount of people are in the building. Cleaners can quickly move in and out of spaces without disrupting business. There are less considerations for noise or other environmental distractions. For most businesses, this means scheduling cleaning at night. However, some facilities may benefit from day cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

To get optimal results, work with a commercial carpet cleaning company. Schedule your carpets to be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis so that your service runs more smoothly.

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