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Carpet cleaning can be accomplished by using diverse procedures and solvents, but watch out for the negative consequences of using inappropriate materials and methods.

One of the most annoying problems to deal with is the reappearance of stains or rapid re-soiling after carpet cleaning. This is largely due to residue being left in the carpet, but can also be caused by the use of high pH chemicals, without a neutralizing rinse afterwards.

Your carpet cleaning will be superior with soap free Procyon.

Soap-Free Procyon is the safest, most powerful and advanced carpet and upholstery cleaner in the industry today. An all natural, water soluble degreaser, Soap-Free Procyon is formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves carpet and upholstery softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. Soap-Free Procyon is also colorless, odorless, non-toxic, totally sudless, leaves no soapy, sticky residue, and no rinsing is ever necessary.

SOAP-FREE means Cleaner Cleans, Longer Cleans, and Safer Cleans. Soap-Free Procyon will keep your carpets cleaner longer because it leaves no soapy film for dirt or oils to stick to…no horrible toxins or off-gases. No harmful products at all! Plus, Soap-Free Procyon is all natural and contains no detergents, bleaches, enzymes or dyes, giving you a clean that’s safe for family and pets, as well as the environment.

Soap Free Carpet Cleaning

Many householders are attracted by the prospect of having their carpets cleaned with soap free reagents. That is because they are led to believe that if you use “soap” to clean your carpet, there will always remain a soapy residue which will attract dirt and cause rapid res-oiling after cleaning. There are even some people who believe that you can clean your carpet with water alone!

There are several definitions of the word “soap”, but the conventional one is that is a cleaning agent made from the chemical reaction of a strong alkali in the presence of animal fat or vegetable oils. The principal ingredient of fats and oils is stearic acid,and the principal component of such soaps is sodium or potassium stearate.

This kind of soap is really quite alkaline and will form decomposition products that often have unusual and undesirable properties when reacting with dirt in the carpet. Fortunately, most detergents used to clean carpets now a days, are composed of synthetic formulations that do not have these characteristics, and are perfectly safe to use on your fabrics. The problem however, is that there are a multitude of such formulations, each with differing properties, and different effects. They are all called “soap” by the uninformed, and carpet cleaning technicians need to be familiar with these properties in order to handle various cleaning conditions.

The most common objections to the use of “soap” is that it leaves a sticky residue in the carpet that causes the carpet to get dirty again rather quickly. This usually happens when the cleaning agent is too alkaline, and the carpet is not rinsed and neutralized properly. Knowledgeable technicians will use an acid rinse in combination with this kind of cleaning solution in order to avoid this problem.

AJS Carpet Cleaning primarily uses a synthetic “soap free” cleaning agent that can be rinsed with softened water. It does not leave any soapy residue in the carpet, and it leaves the carpet fibers soft and fluffy. Another great advantage in using this reagent is that the carpet stays clean for much longer, and stains do not come back within 30 days.

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