The Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Method In Utah

The Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Method In Utah.

Carpet cleaning can be done with many different kinds of procedures or methods. Different carpet cleaning companies will often promote different ways of cleaning a carpet. Of course such a situation may prove to be quite confusing to the client, who may not be well educated about steam carpet cleaning methods.
Here are some facts about the deep steam cleaning method, which is the method that is most recommended by carpet manufacturers, and the leading carpet industry experts:
Steam cleaning has been shown to be the best way to clean carpets effectively, and this process consistently produces superior results over all other methods.
Briefly, the basic elements of this process as described by Carpet Cleaning Utah, are as follows:

  • The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to remove particles of dust, dirt, dander, hair, skin cells, food and other solid materials. Next it is inspected to identify any stains or other potential problems.
  • Special stain specific spotters are then used to remove problematic stains.
  • An emulsifier or carpet cleaning solution is then sprayed unto the carpet to dissolve or emulsify soils, grease, oils etc.
  • In order to boost the effect of the cleaning agent and speed up the process, the carpet is then combed with a carpet rake. This also serves to lift the pile and facilitate the exposure of all sides of the carpet fiber, to the chemical.
  • After a suitable interval, the carpet is rinsed with hot demineralized or soft water. The resulting solution is vacuumed out into the waste tank, and most of the moisture (usually over 90%) is extracted by this vacuum.
  • The final drying process is accomplished either by ambient temperatures under low humidity, or if necessary, by using high velocity fans.

When this deep steam carpet cleaning  process is done by an accomplished carpet cleaning professional, the carpet will be super clean. All deep down soils and other foreign material will be extracted, and the carpet will dry quickly.
Carpet manufacturers recommend that the steam cleaning method, done by professional carpet cleaners with appropriate certifications, should be used in order to meet their warranty requirements.
When the above steps are properly executed during the cleaning process, there is no other method better than steam carpet cleaning. It will always ensure the deepest and most thorough cleaning, and clients will have the cleanest carpets possible.

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