Upholstery Steam Cleaning DIY Tips and Tricks

If you have been watching home tv shopping lately, there is a trend towards steam type cleaners and mops. Steam offers versatility for different type of fabrics and cloth, why use a different type of cleanser or detergent when you can have one solution for all? Top steaming applications include floors, walls, windows and of course, the gist of this story – upholstery. Steam is a perfect match for your upholstered furniture when it comes to removing stains, odours and others.

Ablejan Carpet Cleaning Provo has been the best solution for spotless carpet cleaning in homes and offices anywhere in Utah, since 2000 and is now sharing their expertise through this blog’s tips and tricks.

Note: Steam cleaning isn’t safe for all types of upholstery, so check the label on your furniture to make sure they are not heat-sensitive or you can always try the steam cleaner first to a corner area to ensure compatibility.

Tip#1 Vacuum first

Our everyday activities can definitely put a strain on our beloved upholsteries. Oftentimes, we drink, sleep, socialize and put our feet on it, So a good prepping up before steam cleaning would always do good. Vacuuming removes a good chunk of debris and surface dirt that saves time later on when steam cleaning is applied.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, choose something that has a good agitator to shake off or weaken the clinging properties of dust and dirt. A more powerful vacuum  cleaner can be a hassle to set up, but a portable one with no wires following you can be convenient enough although not as powerful as the standard one. Most portable cleaners are good for quick clean only.

As the brushes rotate and vibrates, so does the dirt that clings mightily onto your fabrics.

For DIY Bluffs

After vacuuming, its time for steam cleaning. Steam cleaners are generally more expensive than traditional vacuum cleaners so it might be practical to just hire a steam cleaner instead. However, you might not know where the machine came from, or if the upholstery steam cleaner has been cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before hitting your home. It might come off a very dirty home with contaminants still lingering in the compartments. If you can afford it, then its better to get one yourself. Multifunction cleaners are best with additional hoses and addons for easier cleaning.

When steam cleaning, concentrate on areas with stains first, or you’ll run out of mixture if you dilly-dally the sections. To start, fill up the cleaner with the proper amount of water and solution, adjust the machine’s strength accordingly and attach fixtures on the steam cleaner. It’s tempting to dial the pressure all the way up but you might end up with a watery upholstery.

A good question most people ask is how far should the nozzle be from the surface of the upholstery? Generally the nearer the nozzle, the higher the concentration of heat and pressure. If the stains remains persistent, then it helps to move the nozzle nearer so as to accelerate the break down process.

The steam coming off the upholstery steam cleaning machine is so hot it can burn you, so be safe and treat the machine with precaution as you do with any fire bearing kitchen equipment.





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