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Many people often call for carpet cleaning price quotations and it soon becomes obvious that they are only shopping around to find the cheapest cleaning service. While it is commendable, and actually prudent to seek to save money in today’s economic environment, a word of caution here is certainly in order. The cheapest carpet cleaning service, like any other service or commodity, is never usually the best, and there are obvious reasons for this.


It is relatively easy for anyone to start a carpet cleaning business. Many people just rent a small portable carpet cleaner and get some “soap” from a home depot like store, and then offer up themselves as carpet cleaners at a very low price. Others will acquire low end, used machines which they will then mount into an old trailer or truck, and try to attract customers with an offer price that seems too good to be true. Right. That is usually, really, too good to be true.

Most of these people will be uninformed and uneducated about carpet cleaning, or just simply unscrupulous. Beware! Competent, efficient carpet cleaning is both an art and a science. The art form devolves from the practice of cleaning, which is a science. That is why a good carpet cleaner must be both experienced and educated. This status cannot be achieved without significant expenditures, which must be factored into the pricing of any business.

To provide the best carpet cleaning services, the company must use top of the line truck mounted equipment which will cost anywhere between $50,000 to $70,000 for each unit. Operating expenses including vehicle and equipment maintenance, fuel, chemicals, insurance, licenses, and advertising and marketing, must then be covered.

The most important element in the cleaning enterprise however, is the cleaner himself. The best equipment, chemicals, and procedures will not make a real difference to the consumer, if the carpet cleaner is ignorant, uneducated, sloppy, indifferent, or dishonest.

Good professional carpet cleaning companies must select their technicians carefully, train them scrupulously and intensively, in the classroom and on the job, and have their background checked carefully and exhaustively, before sending them into your private sanctuary. In any case, they will always be insured and bonded.

In order to attract and retain employees like this, good wages must be paid. How then can such a company offer their services for $9 per room?

Remember, we always get what we pay for. If someone offers you a late model Mercedes for the price of a 10-year-old KIA…watch out! Something’s fishy here.

Of course there are many levels of competence in the carpet cleaning business, and you have many choices in between the scammers and the gougers. Just do some due diligence. Check out the credentials of any company you propose to hire. See what their former clients are saying about them. Evaluate carefully before you decide.