Cutting Corners on Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The amount of commercial carpet cleaning depends on the foot traffic a carpet receives, but even those areas that are rarely walked on should also receive vacuuming at least once  a week. “It’s amazing how some people perceive cost cutting remedies to the point of shortening the life of the carpet”, says Victor Nugent, owner of AJS Carpet Cleaning Inc, whose company specializes in commercial carpet cleaning.

The mindset of most facilities managers in backing down on costs is by reducing maintenance, while it does saves time and money, the long term effect could actually harm the aesthetics and decrease the carpet’s  life.

Regardless of whether the establishment decides to reduce the number of vacuuming, it is implicit that one should focus more on pathway or highly traffic areas with visible soil than less traffic areas.

If you’re the sort of fella that cleans irregularly, then you might want to spend the vast majority of your efforts in corridors, stairs, and lobbies instead of office rooms that rarely sees 2-3 people at the same time. Try to do a wall to wall vacuuming at least once a month, aggressively pursuing the dirt and debris pattern.

It is worth noting that the focus on spot vacuuming should increase when the amount of vacuuming lessens. However, you can only go as far for so long without cleaning the whole area thoroughly. There is simply no shortcut on keeping your carpet’s life longer and its appearance intact far exceeding its projected life span. One of the most overlooked items that receive zero to minimal response but which can greatly affect the health of the office are under the desks, edges, and other hard to reach areas.

A good strategy would be to alternate sections for the course of the year. For example, you can vacuum everything on the first floor on the first week, and then full vacuum the second floor on the following week, etc. However, it is important to note that every building has its own requirement, so one carpet cleaning program for one company may not necessarily work on another company. To get the most of your vacuuming and spotting schedule in order, you should contact a commercial carpet cleaning specialist that can create an effective carpet cleaning program for you.

A good acronym to remember for those looking to cut corners on maintenance would be SIR: Search, Inspect and Remove. A worker would be seen strapping on a backpack, much like Peter Venkman of the Ghostbuster fame would suit up and starts looking for ghosts (or in your case, soiled areas) to put in the bag. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of variables to work with here, and what may work for one facility might not work for another.

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