Top Ten Reasons to Have Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether its winter time or sunny summer, companies should not lose sight of what needs to be done in their premises, particularly carpets and upholstery. The following is a comprehensive list of why you should not neglect the cleanliness of carpets and upholstery.

1. Increases your property’s value. Regular carpet cleaning that utilizes the correct carpet cleaning method can increase the life span of carpets considerably, thereby adding value to your investment.

2. Improves air quality. Carpets act as air filters because it traps airborne contaminants which results in higher quality of air. However, once the carpet is saturated with harmful elements, it needs to be taken out through deep carpet cleaning.

3. Regular carpet cleaning makes maintenance a lot easier. Dry soil is usually the main culprit with carpet soiling, which can be difficult to clean once it sank deep down into the carpet’s fibers due to foot traffic that constantly shuffles forcing the debris deeper. Although truck mounted carpet cleaning can effectively extract it, it will require a much higher force that can damage the carpet’s surface.

4. Stains and spots attract more soiling, so it’s important to have it remove promptly to prevent permanent damage to the carpets.

5. Soiling leads to accumulation of bacteria and allergens, especially damp soiling. Regular carpet cleaning with adequate drying prevents buildup of detrimental pollutants.

6. A clean office exudes professionalism and enhances the reputation of a company. Clean carpets in particular, speak volumes about the overall impression of a company.

7. A clean and safe work environment improves employees morale, encourages learning and creativity, which will yields to increased productivity.

8. Control and remove dust mites and bedbugs that can easily populate.

9. Helps make flooring feel nice and clean. Removing odors not only makes carpeting healthy, it smells great too.

10. Prolong the carpet‘s warranty, Regular and proper cleaning method are some of the conditions that carpet manufacturers require, so it make sense to keep it regularly cleaned in order to have the warranty remain intact. Voiding your carpet’s warranty is like losing insurance coverage over your precious investment.


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