Tile & Grout Cleaning To Restore Shine to Bathroom Tile

Restore Shine to Bathroom Floors With Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Many people choose tile for bathroom floors due to its high shine and sparkling clean appearance. Tile is easy to maintain, making it a popular option for both commercial and residential applications. Regular care of your bathroom tiles will help them keep their characteristic shine. The following tile & grout cleaning tips will help you keep your bathroom floors looking clean and beautiful.

Regular Care

Routine maintenance is an essential aspect of any tile cleaning agenda. Mop the tiles on a regular basis to help remove dirt and grime. Use a mild cleanser mixed with hot water. For those who prefer to use natural products, you may create your own cleanser from vinegar, ammonia and natural detergent. Simply mix equal parts of the ingredients with a gallon of hot water. Keep in mind that ammonia should not be used on certain types of grout. Always check the instructions before you use them on the floors. To add additional shine, dry the area with a microfiber mop. This will make your tile sparkle.


tileGrout Cleaning

No matter how clean and shiny your tiles are, if your grout is dirty, the entire floor will look bad. It is important to get to the soil embedded in grout lines. There are a number of ways you can do this. Grout can be cleaned using a natural paste of lemon juice and baking soda. Sprinkle and scrub with a soft sponge. Do not use heavy abrasive scrubbing tools which can cause deterioration of the grout.

Removal Methods

At times, tile can start to look cloudy and dull due to a build-up of wax or floor finish.
In some cases, you might need to remove floor wax or even a topical sealer. To do so, use a product that seals tile and removes adhesive. Since this kind of product can react to certain types of tile and grout, it is always important to test a small section before cleaning the entire floor. After you finish the sample area, apply to the entire floor. First apply a liberal amount of undiluted remover to a manageable area. Let it set but not dry. Do so until coating or residue softens. You may need to repeat until the sealer is soft enough that you can remove it. You may find you will need to scrub the area with a scrub pad. Nylon is recommended. Wipe up any leftover residue with a sponge or even a clean cotton towel. Rinse the entire area well with clean water when you are finished.

Professional Cleaning

Keep in mind, professional tile & grout cleaning is the only way to remove deep stains. Contact a professional tile cleaning company for more information about cleaning tile grout. Floor technicians are skilled at removing even set-in stains. They can make your floors bright and shiny once again.


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